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Kimpton Hotels Offer Discounts to Waterless PG Residents

Summertime has not been kind to the D.C. area thus far. Yesterday, the D.C. Government issued a hyperthermia alert, Bloomingdale and Shaw residents experienced multiple blackouts (and as such, long stretches without air conditioning) and now Prince George's County is on the brink of a water shutdown. As PG County businesses try to figure out how they will cope without water, the folks at the D.C. and Alexandria Kimpton hotels and restaurants are reaching out to their Maryland neighbors who might be in search of dining options and a cool place to sleep. Starting tomorrow, the Kimpton Hotels are offering their "H2O" rate for anyone with a valid Prince George's County ID. That amounts to 20% off the best available room rates, 50% off parking and 15% off meals (although Bistro Bis is not included in this deal. Update: Poste is participating!) Additionally, they're welcoming pets into all of the locations so they won't have to suffer either. There are three Kimpton Hotels in Alexandria and eight in D.C., five of which were featured in our list of essential 38 hotels.
· National Harbor Businesses Scrambling to Adjust to Life Without Water [WBJ]