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Eisenhower Memorial Tops CFA's Thursday Meeting Agenda

Frank Gehry's contentious (albeit updated) memorial design may have finally received the approval of the Eisenhower Memorial Commissioners, but will the Commission of Fine Arts follow suit? We'll find out on Thursday — the Eisenhower Memorial is the first item on the agenda for their meeting. The CFA is just one of the groups that must approve of the design before construction can start and they've yet to give word on the updated design. The CFA has moved their meeting to the auditorium of the National Building Museum due to the scale of the models and has confirmed that Gehry is due to speak to his designs. As with all CFA meetings, this 9:00 a.m. meeting is open to the public, making it highly probable that opponents of the current design will be present to object. We have some current photos of the most recent sculpture and memorial designs courtesy of the National Civic Art Society after the jump.

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Eisenhower Memorial

Independence Ave and 4th Street, SW, Washington, DC