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"World's Best Roommate" Will Love Weird Dining Room Table

If you want to live with these two Virginia Tech grads in Fairfax, you'd better be okay with wild furniture...literally. The feet of their dining room table are shaped like paws and they actually list that fact as a selling point of their four-story townhouse. "The other posts on CL aren't giving you a dining room table like this, jack." This is probably true so if you don't also think such decor is "bitchin'," no need to apply. Other qualifications for the "world's best roommate" involve the usual trio of keeping common space clean, respecting the other roommates and being a generally nice human being that pays the $780 rent on time. We've got some more photos of their Fairfax pad after the jump.

· $780 Looking for the world's best roommate (or runner-up) [Craigslist]