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Current and Former Hoyas Disapprove of Proposed New Dorm

Georgetown University's new Northeast Triangle dorm may have the approval of the neighborhood commission, but it sure doesn't have the approval of the students or alumni. Prior to architectural blueprint review from the Old Georgetown Board, a petition has surfaced requesting that the University reach out to other architects for designs that better fit the campus' architectural style. The petition actually states that a new and different design from Boston based architects Sasaki Associates would also be preferable to the current one, shown above. Points of contention include the dorm's location, design and environmental friendliness. We've highlighted specific complaints culled from The Hoya article about the dorm after the jump.

"Students and alumni were unanimous in their opposition to the uninspired, Eastern Bloc-like proposal." — The petition

"It reminds me of the incongruous Lauinger Library, looking too much like an extension of the hospital rather than a place where students are supposed to spend more than half of their time on the Hilltop." — Nitzan Gabai, Class of 2016

"The location is wrong and the design is ugly and unimaginative." — John M. Carlin, Class of 1970

"I hope that any new building reflects the new trend in university housing across the country, meaning apartment-style living in place of Southwest Quad-style dorms. What the university needs to replace off-campus housing is more housing that replicates that experience, not more housing that reminds upperclassmen of their freshman years." — Martin Hussey, Class of 2014

"Unfortunately, the architects here seem to have drawn more from the outmoded and downright ugly edifices of the 1960s and 1970s than the beautiful and iconic buildings that Hoyas treasure most." — Sean P. Redmond, Class of 1997, MBA 2011

"Much has been said of the loveless design — the misbegotten son of Reiss and Lauinger, Jawa Sandcrawler, etc. — that I need say no more." — Matthew Stoller, Class of 2008
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