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What $1200 Per Month Can Rent You Around the District

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We're taking our Curbed Comparisons back into the District this week and seeing what $1200 rentals look like across the city.

There's an open house going on right now (and until 9:00 p.m.) for a spot in this 5 bedroom spot on North Capitol Street...with four other roommates. That said, it's available for $1075 a month, has a washer/dryer and an unheard of $10 in utilities per month. Let's hear it for group house discounts!

The least expensive listing in this group at $998 a month, this one bedroom apartment at Milestone Apartments is walking distance from the river and the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. The recent renovations are also fairly obvious just looking at photos of the kitchen.

At this cozy one bedroom in Clermont Apartments, you'll have to share washers and dryers with your neighbors. However, at $1160 a month you'll also get a free parking space and your own balcony or patio.

This one bedroom on the fourth floor of Park Place DC Apartments has a sweet location across from the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro. The $1200 a month puts you in a building with a parking lot, a rooftop terrace and a gym.

This apartment at LeDroit Place on Anna Cooper Circle is apparently home to an artist at the moment. It will be available on August 1st for $1200 a month and includes...a roommate in the other bedroom. Current renter can't speak highly enough of the landlords.