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Ava H Street Apts. Channels John Hughes In Follow-Up Emails

The Ava H Street apartment building in Near Northeast has some fairly sexy amenities for the socialite population to whom they are appealing. The chill spaces in the lobby and outside are equipped with flat screen TVs and iPod hookups which are conducive to both small parties and relaxing with the neighbors. One would think that such amenities plus the gorgeous floorplans and underground parking for cars and bikes would sell itself. Yet for some people $1895 is a bit much for a one bedroom and other neighborhoods in the city beckon. Sometimes the apartment search is not yet in earnest. We saw this tweet from Just Up the Pike's Dan Reed and the accompanying screen shot from emails he's received from the apartment building since visiting on whim. It seems that much like the lead in high school dramas, Ava just isn't ready to let go.