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Has this Arlington Intersection Become More Unsafe?

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Five-point intersections can be frustrating. They can be the source of long sits at lights and when traffic does start back up, any left turns can be precarious, if not somewhat dangerous. Places like Takoma and downtown Bethesda have learned to live in harmony with their five-point intersections but Arlington residents feel that the county is disrupting such a harmony. The county's Cherrydale Lee Highway Revitalization Program, which has made changes in signage and locations to make turns with the intention of making the intersection where Old Lee Highway and Old Dominion Drive cross North Quincy Street and Military Road more pedestrian-friendly. The Cherrydale Citizens Association or CCA claims that these turn lane restrictions have made the intersection more confusing and dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians. Arlington residents and commuters, we're looking to you: is this intersection more dangerous for the changes that have been made since 2011 or is it as annoying as it has always been?

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