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Cool Arts & Craft Home Going For $2.3 Million in McLean

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No, an arts & craft home isn't an abode with yarn for wallpaper and a basement dedicated to underwater basket weaving. It's not terribly far off, though: arts & craft refers to a style of architecture and interior design that was popular between the late 1800s and 1930s which emphasizes individually handmade elements, natural materials and simplicity of design. Such originality means that they usually look pretty cool: and this McLean home going for nearly $2.3 million is proof of that. This is particular one is significantly newer than many arts & craft homes as it was built in 1999. More photos of the 5 bedroom 6,867 square foot home can be found after the jump.

· American Craftsman [Wikipedia]
· 1010 Bryan Pond Court [Estately]