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A Look at Washington D.C.'s Historic Hotels

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One advantage to being the seat of democracy and is that people have been coming through Washington D.C. for business and pleasure for centuries. Diplomats and travelers have long laid their heads and laid their plans in Washington's inns and taverns and some of those historic buildings are still standing and serving guests today. Here's a quick look at some of the most historic hotels in Washington D.C.

Hotel: Morrison-Clark Inn
Year Opened: 1864
Fun Fact: Only D.C. inn on the National Register of Historic Places

Hotel: Omni Shoreham Hotel
Year Opened: 1930
Fun Fact: Played host to inaugural balls for every president from FDR through Bill Clinton.

Hotel: The Jefferson
Year Opened: 1923
Fun Fact: President Obama has dined in the restaurant located in the lobby.

Hotel: The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel
Year Opened: 1925
Fun Fact: This was a favorite dining spot of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Hotel: Willard Intercontinental
Year Opened: 1901
Fun Fact: The term "lobbyist" was popularized by Ulysses S. Grant on account of people trying to push their political agendas meeting with diplomats in this particular establishment.

Hotel: Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel
Year Opened: 1921
Fun Fact: Placed on the National Register of Historic Places two months ago.

Hotel: Hotel Lombardy
Year Opened: 1929
Fun Fact: Although it was restored in 1994, the hotel still contains the city's only manually operated elevator.

Hotel: Phoenix Park Hotel
Year Opened: 1922
Fun Fact: Originally called The Commodore, this was a popular resting place for travelers from Union Station.

Hotel: The Churchill
Year Opened: 1906
Fun Fact: Its proximity to Embassy Row has ensured that several diplomats have stayed there.

Hotel: Henley Park Hotel
Year Opened: 1918
Fun Fact: The architect was apparently willing to turn his own face into a gargoyle.

Hotel: Tabard Inn
Year Opened: 1922
Fun Fact: Was initially private homes when it was first built in 1880.

Hotel: Hay-Adams Hotel
Year Opened: 1928
Fun Fact: Named for the President Linconln's secretary John Hay and journalist Henry Adams whose houses stood on that corner in the 1880s.

Hotel: St. Regis Washington D.C.
Year Opened: 1926
Fun Fact: It has changed names four times, but it's been the Carlton Hotel for much of its existence.
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