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Washington D.C.'s Most Impressive Hotel Lobbies

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There's never a second chance to make a first impression but some hotels don't need additional opportunities. These hotels have lobbies that wow guests well before they have seen the pools and the fitness centers or slept in the comfortable beds. Some of these spaces are mind-blowing due to their sheer size. Others have intricate details or unique architecture. Some have historic luxurious charm and others bring a lovely modern flair. One enterprising hotel placed their restaurant (and piano player) in the middle of a shallow pool. After entering many of the city's hotels, we're recognizing the following [number] as our favorites. In no particular order, here are the most impressive hotel lobbies in Washington D.C. If you feel we've made any egregious omissions, send your recommendation to our tipline.

The JW Marriott: This inclusion was necessary based on sheer size alone. The lobby is massive. Additionally, the red, white and blue stars and banners across the wood paneling gives the lobby a presidential feel.

The Willard Intercontinental: The hotel right across the street from the JW has impressive marble columns for a fancier appeal. Also, check out the detail on the ceiling surrounding the chandeliers.

The Mayflower Renaissance Washington: One of D.C.'s oldest hotels welcomes guests to a bright open space with chandeliers hanging below the skylights.

The Grand Hyatt Washington: This is one of two atria to make the list. While the open space in the hotel's center is visually impressive on its own, the restaurant and piano in the shallow pool at the bottom of the hotel is a sight to behold.

The Westin, City Center DC: The second atrium on the list has no in-water restaurant to speak of, but the variety of light and dark colors in this Thomas Circle Hotel will make jaws drop upon entering.

The St. Regis Washington D.C.: This lobby makes it onto the list for the level of detail in the ceiling decoration alone. However, its flowers in the entryway are also a nice welcoming touch.

The Topaz Hotel: Many of Kimpton's boutique hotels engage their guests with a modern quirky charm and this Dupont hotel mixes quirk with warmth. The teal furniture and mood lighting are as fantastic as the light fixtures.

Sofitel Washington D.C. Lafayette Square: This is another warm and charming entrance with dark wood paneling making the guests feel like they're wrapped in red velvet. There actually is velvet on the curtains and chairs leading to the lounge area and the golden clocks over the escalators give visitors the times in Paris and Tokyo, as well as their current stopover.

Key Bridge Marriott

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