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A Sneak Peek at the Kennedy Row Apartments

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The Kennedy Row Apartments in Capitol Hill won't open until the fall (correction: Kennedy Row opened on March 1st! You can look at it now), and Curbed got a look at one of the one bedroom apartments late last week. The one bedroom apartments make up 55% of the units at Kennedy Row and the one we looked at had the light colored kitchen cabinets (although occupants can opt for lodging with dark cabinets as well.) The building has two levels of parking and a fitness center, but the biggest takeaway we got from our visit is that a trip to the rooftop without sunglasses is a bad idea. It's possible to see neighboring RFK Stadium while looking east and the Capitol while looking west, but even with the provided shade, it is bright up there on a summer day. We've got some photos after the jump featuring the rooftop's cozy seats.