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Which Hotel Has the More Excellent Outdoor Pool?

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This week, Real Estate Death Match is shifting gears for Hotels Week. Instead of focusing on the pros and cons of neighborhood condos and apartments, we're eyeing very specific amenities of local hotels. Since it's summertime, this edition of the Death Match will focus on that staple of warm weather: swimming pools. Welcome to Real Estate Hotels Week Death Match: Donovan House Pool vs. Capitol Skyline Pool Edition.

Donovan House:

As we mentioned in our Hotel 38 post yesterday, The Donovan House's rooftop pool/lounge, DNV, is quite the space for anyone looking to have cocktails with a view. It's also a more chill vibe than in years past: while there will still be the occasional evening party and DJ night, the party days dissipated once management changed at the hotel.

Capitol Skyline Hotel:

Just head to Flickr, type in "Capitol Skyline Hotel Pool" and you'll find a plethora of party photos. There's also a poolside bar and residents of the hotel can swim free of charge. However, unless you're coming for a specific event, the membership charges for locals can be pretty steep: $325 for a single person and more for families.

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