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Which Hotel Has the More Impressive In-House Fitness Center?

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C'mon, you didn't think we were going to stop at just one Hotels Week Death Match, did you? Besides, this is our chance to look at the hotel fitness centers that are impressive enough to prepare their patrons for an actual honest-to-goodness death match. Enjoy our second Hotels Week Death Match: The Fairmont's Crossfit Gym vs. Capital Hilton's Mint Gym.

By the way, both of today's Death Matches were inspired by messages sent to our tipline which we do actually read. Feel free to send us other Hotels Week ideas.

The Fairmont:

The Fairmont plays host to a variety of fitness options which include jogging trails, a 24 hour fitness center and workout clothing from Reebok upon request. They're also the only hotel in the city to house a Crossfit Gym: Crossfit Foggy Bottom.

Capital Hilton:

There are Mint Health Clubs & Spas throughout the city, but the downtown option is a high quality option right there for the hotel's guests. In addition to offering cardio, yoga and pilates classes, there's a spa which offers facials massages after those difficult workouts.

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