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Neighbors Complain; Strip Club Forced to Strike Private Rooms

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Were you super excited about the private alcoves and tabletop dancing coming to JP's, Glover Park's soon to re-open strip club? Well, the neighbors and competing strip club owners definitely were not and D.C.'s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board conceded to their complaints. When the club opens, possibly as early as tomorrow, it will only have nude dancing on the two main stages. A lot of the ire was directed at the private alcoves for fear that patrons would violate the look-don't-touch policy encouraging other clubs to allow similar options, leading to prostitution and Showgirls-esque situations. A competitor said, "If they allow this to open, I assure you other clubs will follow suit. You don't want Washington to become like Las Vegas." However, isn't dancing on tables -- where they'll be putting down food (albeit, pretzels) -- something of a health hazard? Score one for the eyebrow-raising neighbors.
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