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$25 Million Manse Owned by George Washington Only Third Priciest Listing in Fairfax County

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An Alexandria mansion once owned by George Washington went on the market on Friday for $25 million. What's more is that's not even the most expensive listing in Fairfax County. That's right, the six bedroom 8,304 square foot River View Estate which used to be a part of Mount Vernon is only the third priciest listing. As for what costs more than a mansion currently owned by Tysons Corner developer Gerald Halpin: two homes in McLean, VA that are going for over $30 million. We've got photo galleries of these McLean monstrosities after the jump.

? This 10 bedroom "single family home" sitting on 6.5 acres of land off Chain Bridge Road is going for $45 million. They also showcase the fact that they were watching Finding Nemo in their private home theater.

? This 8 bedroom 28,000 square foot estate on Dulany Drive also has its own name: La Chateau Vie. It's going for $32 million which makes sense considering the chandelier in the bathroom. Also of note: they have an indoor and outdoor pool.

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