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Cheesesteak: How Baltimore Plans to "Poach" D.C. Residents

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Do you prefer cheesesteak to crabcake? Then Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake thinks you should leave overpriced D.C. and give Maryland's largest city a shot. Apparently, word has gotten around that D.C. residents see the value of living near a good market and in an effort to charm folks away from the District, Baltimore is planning on spending $20-25 million on renovating the Lexington Market.

"Replace the crabcake with a cheesesteak, and a renovated Lexington Market could one day resemble Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia," says Rawlings-Blake.

Cheesesteak solves everything!

To be fair, high rent in the District has allowed Baltimore to lift members from the D.C. artistic community for years. It costs significantly less to rent a large space to both live and create in Baltimore than anything we've found in D.C. Furthermore, their plan to open 15 new schools might be the jackpot that lures folks away since DC Public School system are closing exactly 15 schools.
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