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Which D.C. Neighborhoods Will See Great Street Grant Money?

Yesterday, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development announced the recipients of the Great Streets Grant Initiative awards. We did a quick breakdown of which neighborhoods would benefit the most from D.C.'s tax dollars judging by how many businesses in the neighborhood were recipients of the grant money. A few neighborhoods like Shaw, Truxton Circle and Fort Dupont also had one grant recipient in their neighborhood, but we decided to focus on the neighborhoods where two or more businesses received money.

Atlas District: 4. The Atlas District made out better than anyone with recipients including a movement arts studio, a high end food market and the Atlas Theater for which the neighborhood is named.

Deanwood: 3. L.I.F.E. Skills Unlimited is one of the three and it offers family services including computer literacy and driver's education. That said, one Columbia Heights based business that received money will be renovating a Deanwood Retirement home with their money.

NoMa:3. A modern art studio and a massage center are among the businesses that will receive city funds.

Brightwood/Brightwood Park: 3. In this neighborhood a convenience store and a bilingual daycare will be able to make improvements and hire more staff.

Park View: 2. A little farther down Georgia Avenue, a restaurant and cooking school will get some grant money.

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