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Which Alexandria 1BR Condo Looks More Appealing?

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Last week's Real Estate Death Match was one of the closer ones in the brief series history, but the balcony with a view and rooftop pool of the Penn Quarter location proved more alluring than the Woodley Park condo with a private garden. This week, we're taking our Death Match to the other side of the Potomac. The price has been capped at $250,000 for Real Estate Death Match: Alexandria Edition!

Address: 3101 Hampton Drive #1208
Price: $249,888
Square Feet: 715
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Our first contender is the larger condo and definitely the more suburban option as it's farther out from Old Town. However, there's a garage for the car owner and the building has a pool, security and a fitness center. The interior also has a very modern design and inviting space.

Address: 504 Bashford Lane #3132
Price: $242,500
Square Feet: 551
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This one is the smaller option, but the room in Riverton Condominium is closer to the bustling life of Old Town Alexandria. Plus, the building has a pool and the new owner will have their own parking space. Although the condo is not imaginatively decorated at the moment, the cherry hardwood floors are very inviting.

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