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What $1500 Per Month Can Rent You Around Arlington

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It's been awhile since we've actually done the Curbed Comparisons column, so let's breathe some life into it and look at what the $1500 a month rentals look like across the Potomac River in Arlington.

This 652 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment at the Avalon in Arlington Square goes for $1450 a month. They're pet friendly and have access to a gym.

This 362 square foot 1 bedroom in Sheffield Court in the Courthouse neighborhood is right by some of the more vivid Arlington bars and restaurants. Also, the pool and billiards room are nice amenities for $1405 a month.

Down on Old Glebe Road at The Arbors, $1375 a month gets the largest of the three spots: a 700 square foot one bedroom condo. There are three closets and the utilities are included in the price.