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Is a Councilman to Blame for Glover Park Traffic Problems?

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Normally, it's the ever changing parking regulations that raise the ire of D.C. residents, but today for a change of pace, it's the street lanes that have tempers raised. In response to a study and neighborhood complaints regarding pedestrian safety, DDOT had reduced Wisconsin Avenue's traffic lanes down from three in each direction to to two. Six months later, the traffic lanes are back to three in each direction and the local ANC (a group of resident policy issue discussing fanatics) is enraged. While D.C.'s Department of Transportation have claimed that safety concerns also prompted the return to form, the Glover Park residents have also noticed that these lanes returned after Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans voiced his disgust that the traffic on Wisconsin Avenue had slowed to a complete halt. If Evans really is the voice that influenced DDOT's decision making, that would mostly be odd because Glover Park is not a part of his constituency. Glover Park readers, had the traffic on Wisconsin Avenue slowed down as much as Evans had claimed?
· New Lanes On Wisconsin Avenue Provoke Fight Between Residents, D.C. Legislator [WAMU]