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Update! Battle of I.M. Pei Buildings vs New Construction

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In the latest round of Waterfront residents vs. Waterfront developers, the neighborhood commission (ANC 6D) unanimously approved designating Town Center East as a historic landmark. Town Center East is one of two neighboring buildings designed by modernist architect I.M. Pei and two collaborating associations of Southwest residents have applied for historic status for both buildings with the DC Register. This interest in designating these buildings as landmarks comes from a desire to block developers at The Bernstein Companies from constructing three properties in the parking lots and open space around the existing Pei buildings. People from The Waterfront Tower Homeowners' Association and the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly have stated that the open space around the buildings was integral to Pei's original design. The Bernstein Companies have already threatened to legal action if they are prevented from building in those spaces. Support from the commission certainly works in favor of the petitioning residents of Southwest but historic designation would not necessarily prevent developers from building on those empty spaces in the future.
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