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These 1 Bedroom Condos Under $450K Each Want Your Love

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Welcome back to Real Estate Death Match! On last week's Capital Pride edition, the Dupont condo on 17th Street easily defeated its neighbor on 21st Street. This week, we've raised the stakes (well, we've raised the price slightly) and the competitors come from different ends of the city. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Woodley Park vs Penn Quarter Edition!

Address: 3100 Connecticut Avenue NW #134
Price: $450,000
Square Feet: 1001
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Our Woodley Park contender is on the first floor so there is a private fenced-in garden. It's also the more spacious offering and all of its shelving in a separated library space will appeal to the condo-seeking bookworm. It also has beautiful carpeting on the living room floor. The downsides are that listing states that it's being sold "as-is" which begs the question as to what (besides aforementioned garden) needs a little upkeep. Also for as much living space as this has, the kitchen is noticeably small.

Address: 631 D Street NW #1129
Price: $445,000
Square Feet: 810
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This condo is slightly smaller than its competitor and its 11th floor location means no private garden unless it's on one of the two balconies. Still, this condo has lots of natural light and it's in the swanky Lafayette, which has two gyms, rooftop grills and pool and a private theatre. Plus, it's blocks away from the National Mall and the Smithsonian. This means there's an amazing view of the Washington Monument but also a high volume of tourists right outside your door.

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