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Testing Sitegeist App and Learning a Neighborhood

Fresh off the heels of testing Close It! a Curbed tipster informed us about the success they've had with Sitegeist. This app which came out in December 2012 deals less with the specifics of a certain property and more with the character and statistics of a neighborhood which can be of equal importance to buyers or renters. The app is free, so we tested it out to see if it's worth the space on your mobile device. Be warned iPhone users, the app requires iOS 6. So, if you've put off updating your phone, you'll want to do that before downloading.

You'll want to have Location Services enabled. The first thing that Sitegeist does is ask for your current location.

After the first time you do this, however, this is the screen that will come up. Check the map to see if that's accurate and tap "Set Location."

We went to Adams Morgan to see what it would say about the neighborhood. On the first screen it lets the us know the median age, the ratio of men to women over several different age groups and the political climate of the neighborhood.

By swiping over to another screen, the app also shows the percentage of people who rent, the average price of the rent and the neighborhood's median home value. It will also state the average mode of transportation used by the neighbor's residents.

Swiping over again will give some recommendations based on overwhelmingly positive Yelp reviews.

Swiping a final time will also inform users of the average age of the neighborhood's homes.

We also went to Brightwood to see if the app would recognize the shift of a few miles and the change the statistics. It most definitely did.

Sitegeist gets all of this information from the Census Bureau. Since the last Census was pretty recent, most of the data isn't terribly dated but it also isn't 100% current.