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NoMa or No More? Residents Weigh In on Nabe's Nickname

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How do you know that a neighborhood nickname has made it? Having a Metro Station change its name to aforementioned nickname and having a BID co-opt it are probably good indicators. Still, the fact that NoMa (which is short for the area North of Massachusetts Avenue) has become so popular in such a short amount of time has irritated a few people that find such acronyms cutesy and annoying. One Redditor who is moving to the neighborhood from Cleveland Park reached out to local residents, asking if they actually liked that nickname. Some of the comments and alternative nicknames were pretty humorous.

· "Back when I came here in the 90s, it was 'that area behind Union Station where the bums hang out.'" - BANANARCHY

· "I also have a friend that insists if that NoMa then Eckington is NoW for North of Wendy's." - underscore333

· "I'm also a fan of SadMo (South Adams Morgan)." - BANANARCHY

· "[NoMa] Sounds like a kind of fish I would buy at Whole Foods." - satinbirdy

Curbed readers, do you like the name of this neighborhood and accompanying BID or do you think it should be called something...anything...else? We've got a poll after the jump.

Poll results

· "NoMa:" Let the hate (or love or disinterest) flow through you! [Reddit]