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Would You Save Money By Renting in the 'Burbs?

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Ever toyed with the idea of leaving the District for Alexandria to bring down the price of your rent? Have you wondered how much you'd save if you left Bethesda for Silver Spring? If these numbers we've culled from Lovely are any indication: those would be the money saving moves. Below we have the average prices for one bedroom residences in different areas of the DMV. As a disclaimer: we're quite sure that the average rental price in D.C. is skewed based on the astronomically high numbers on the west side of the city. We also know that Silver Spring covers a lot of square miles.

Washington D.C.: $1,883/month

Arlington: $1,975/month

Alexandria: $1,507/month

Silver Spring: $1,452/month

Bethesda: $1,962/month