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A Photo Roundup of Investigating Where We Live: Anacostia

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Did you miss the exhibit at the Investigating Where We Live: Anacostia exhibit at the National Building Museum? Don't worry, we snapped some photos of local teenagers' excellent work before the exhibit ended its run on Sunday. The annual Investigating Where We Live series takes a group of D.C.'s youngsters, introduces them to professional photographers and then sends them out to different neighborhoods to capture their impressions. Previous iterations of the exhibit have zeroed in on Brookland, Columbia Heights, Bloomingdale and Petworth and this year's focus on Anacostia showcased the neighborhood's multiple facets. The photos, poems and activities of the installation didn't shy away from the neighborhood's reputation for crime and poverty. One interactive activity even had museum patrons "clean up" some trash in a blue box resembling the Anacostia River. However, the exhibit's focus on Change, Diversity and Community showed the artistic and family-oriented sides of a community where many D.C. residents fear to tread. The three-dimensional representation of the the Anacostia Metro Station piling was particularly impressive. All of the photos by Rachel Eisley are after the jump.

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