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Is This an Application for a Rental or a Government Job?

It's not rare to see Craigslist ads exchanging a cheap place to stay for help with childcare and light housework, but this ad for an Anacostia room is asking for a lot...and that's just before moving in. Anyone applying for this space needs to first pass a security clearance and a TB test -- both of which are normal expectations -- if one is applying to work at a corporate daycare center with infants. However, the children in this house who need evening meals and reminders to do their chores and sleep well at night are teenagers. Seeking only serious proponents of indentured servitude. We've got the ad's full text after the jump.

"If you can cook mostly dinner meals, comfortable around young people in their teenage years, dont mind cleanin a little or directing young people on doing their chores after dinner. Also, to ensure they sleep well overnight. More details can be given during meeting, if you are interested. Your day hours are your day hours. Your services are needed during the evening to prepare meals and just being in the house overnight. We can work it out. You must go through security clearance and take tdp test(skin test) to qualify. Dont want to take up your life completely, just need someone who will have decent meal in the evening and have you as a contact person overnight, if needed. A mature person who dont mind cooking and being a positive person with a good Spirit who will be around young people sounds like a good fit. If you need a place to stay to call home, if you think you can pass security clearance and a skin test (tdp), if you like young people, if you have a good Spirit, contact me and lets talk. Send me your contact information and if possible, tell me a little about yourself."
FREE room & possibly board [Craigslist]