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Best Lines From Washingtonian's Profile on Luxe Bathrooms

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[Inspired to buy a new bathroom? This one comes with a $3.5 million dollar house in Spring Valley via Redfin]

There are currently, four, yes, FOUR articles on Washingtonian wherein it's not only possible to see dazzling photos of some of D.C.'s most gorgeous bathrooms, but to receive tips on how to renovate your own. Plus, there's one article on local bath trends where the interviewees say some amazing things about their luxe master bathrooms. Curbed has scoured the article for the best quotes and has listed them after the jump.

"Nobody has time to take a bath for two hours; they just want the look." [Designer Marisa Moore]

It's official: We're no longer prudes in the nude—at least in the comfort of our homes.

"The 'because I deserve it' thing continues," says Leslie Roosevelt, a bath expert at Gilday Renovations in Silver Spring.

"You can sit in the tub and see the fireplace. Karin [Strydom] can lounge in there, and I can bring her a glass of Champagne." [Architect Steven Spurlock]

It's one thing to be revealing inside your own home with a seamless bed, bath, and dressing area, but opening it up to the outside? Absolutely, experts say.

" 'We want this fantastic, spa-like shower,' " says Bill Millholland, executive vice president of Case Design/Remodeling, quoting many of his clients. " 'I'd rather that be my daily luxury than looking at this tub that I have to dust, which I haven't used in three months.' "

The husband is a "big guy," [Jake] Marzolf [of Studio Twenty Seven Architecture] says; at six-foot-five, "he wanted a big Texas shower." And that's what he got: a long, narrow space that juts into the main bathroom like a fashion catwalk encased in glass.

"Treat yourself to the luxury you can afford, and really think about what it is that makes you smile. Put the money where the smiles are." [Jonas Carnemark]

There is, of course, more in the way of tips and tricks, plus you can see the full galleries of some of these Gatsby-esque bathrooms over at Washingtonian.
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