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Photos Released of Windowless Roller Rink Apartments

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It's not uncommon to put apartments over existing businesses, but not everyone can claim that their loft apartment used to be a roller rink. The domed space above the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan which used to be roller rink, bowling alley, and more recently, a Hollywood soundstage is turning into a group of 39 apartments called The Citadel. 8 of these apartments will be centrally located and only naturally lit by skylight. Some photos of model apartments -- including the ones with windows -- have been released, complementing the renderings that management company Borger Management had already unveiled. Disappointingly, none of the photos or renderings include disco lights, mirror balls or DC Rollergirls posters. Rents will range between $2,150/month and $2,650/month depending on the style (of which there are three) and the square footage which ranges between 600 and 800.
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