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Introducing Curbed Young Guns: Help Us Find the Brightest Young Stars of Architecture and Design

Ladies and gentlemen, we're excited to announce the launch of Curbed Young Guns, our search for the next wave of up-and-coming architects, developers, and interior designers. All across the nation, creative people are hard at work creating gorgeous buildings, rooms, and public spaces. With Curbed Young Guns, we're planning to find them, showcase them, and celebrate them—and take you for a tour along the way.

Now we don't necessarily mean we're looking for the next Frank Gehry (though obviously we'll take him). We're also looking for the junior architect who's the rising star of a start-up, the designers dreaming up yet-unbuilt schemes, and the decorators creating the next big thing in interiors. The rules are simple: nominees must be under the age of 35 and they must be based in the United States.

We want Curbed Young Guns to be the most democratic of awards, so we're opening up the nomination process to everyone. Yes, everyone. Starting this very second, we're asking for your suggestions right over here. The nomination process will be open through the end of May, and you can absolutely send in more than one name.

Once we've amassed our talent, the fun really begins. We'll put their work in front of a panel of industry leaders including top architects, interior designers, and developers, and ask them to help us pick the very best. To make the process transparent, we'll be documenting every step on Curbed. And once we have our winners, we'll fête them all summer long.

Know someone who deserves to be honored as a Young Gun? We want to hear about it! Fill out the nomination form here; if you have additional supporting materials, please send them our way at
· Curbed Young Guns Official Nominee Form [Curbed]