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Two Condos Enter, Which Will Leave the Winner?

A budget capped at $600K. A heart set on either Mt. Pleasant or nearby Adams Morgan. But which condo is the better catch? Welcome, Curbed readers, to Real Estate Death Match, Mt. Pleasant vs. Adams Morgan Condo Edition.

Address: 3420 16th Street NW #402S
Price: $549,990
Square Feet: 1,200
Beds, Baths: 2/2

Our Mt. Pleasant contestant has the larger space, at least some of which factors into these impressive walk-in closets. Also, it has not one, but two balconies. For lovers of public transportation, it's a slightly closer walk to the metro than the Adams Morgan spot and the 16th Street bus lines are right outside.

Address: 2301 Champlain Street NW #105
Price: $549,990
Square Feet: 910
Beds, Baths: 2/2

The Adams Morgan contender has some nifty sliding doors, high ceilings and one private balcony. The space is a little smaller than the Mt. Pleasant offering, but a parking garage underneath the building with a dedicated space also means that residents with a car won't have to deal with the hellish ordeal that is trying to park on the street in Adams Morgan.

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