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The Best Lines From A Local Power Couple's WaPo Home Story

This morning the Washington Post had an interview with restaurant owner Geoff Tracy and his wife, CBS This Morning's Norah O'Donnell wherein they show off their four story, seven bedroom Wesley Park home. In the middle of drooling over the in-home elevator, flagstone terrace and master bedroom with two walk-in closets, we found a few moments of weirdness, starting with a title that plays up the "Everything could be better in New York" stereotype. Like most power couples, they can't help themselves from name dropping. Do note, this house hosted a 75th-birthday party for Bob Schieffer of CBS News. Full photo gallery here.

· "I'm like a teenager who wrecks the house with a party when his parents go away for the weekend." [Tracy]

· "We turned the foyer and great room into a dance floor and everyone came in '70s outfits," [O'Donnell] says. "Everyone said it was the best party ever."

· While Tracy says he would be fine with an exposed flat-screen TV above the fireplace, he says Norah installed a painting that can be rolled up and down to hide the TV.

· "Norah's getting window treatments custom-made for the breakfast area, but I think it would be cheaper to just staple a bunch of $20 bills up there," Tracy says. "I had no idea how expensive those things would be."

· The lower level includes a family room with a fireplace and a game area that includes a ping-pong table and a 24-foot putting green so Tracy can practice his short game all winter.

· "We knocked out part of the wall that connects the kitchen and great room, because we like the openness," Tracy says. "When ambassadors were using this house it had a more formal floor plan with a closed-off kitchen."

The article and photo gallery also show off the grand piano and the floor to ceiling windows surrounding it. Another thing of which they note, each of the three kids have their own bathroom.
· N.Y. beckons, but at D.C. power couple still find a sense of home in Wesley Heights [WaPo]