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Group House Gives Honest Preview of Roommate's Cleanliness

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Living in a group house can be a delicate exercise in group dynamics, so the members of this Clarendon group house spared no pretense and put their dirty laundry on the internet, quite literally. The ad admits that the "unfortunately messy" room shown isn't actually the room for rent but it does reveal that the resident of aforementioned messy room might also be a chronic imbiber of energy drinks...and will be living across the hall. But hey, they have a ping pong table! It's going for the awfully specific $1063 a month and there are more pictures after the jump.

· $1063 1 BR in Large 5/3.5 House with great backyard, 1.5 blocks from Metro (Clarendon, Arlington, NOVA) [Craigslist]