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Which 1 Bedroom Unit Under $540K is Right For You?

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On our last episode of Real Estate Death Match, the 2 bedroom apartment from Logan Circle won out although the cat lovers gave Columbia Heights a fighting chance. This week, we're scaling down to 1 bedroom but visiting some ritzier neighborhoods. Get ready for Real Estate Death Match: Foggy Bottom Co-Op vs. Georgetown Condo Edition.

Address: 700 New Hampshire Avenue NW #919
Price: $539,000
Square Feet: 1371
Beds, Baths: 1/2

This stock co-op in Foggy Bottom has a sizable jump in square footage for the $14,000 extra on its price tag. It also boasts an extra bathroom, an included parking space, and of course, close proximity to the Kennedy Center and the metro.

Address: 1080 Wisconsin Avenue NW #N402
Price: $525,000
Square Feet: 935
Beds, Baths: 1/1

There's parking at this Georgetown condo as well, and the space is actually in a gated area. The area is a little smaller and there's no metro accessibility in Georgetown, but the condo comes with a fireplace and a plasma TV. Plus, the building is right above the river with great views.

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