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What The Fannie Mae CFO Taught Us About Luxury Condo Living

Commuting from Richmond to D.C. is a patently miserable experience (two words: Fredericksburg bottleneck) so Fannie Mae's CFO Susan McFarland started living in a ritzy condo in West End to save herself the headache. She actually just sold her condo for almost $1.4 million...over $165K more than the price for which she purchased it in 2011. Shockingly, she found some perks to condo living and we've detailed some of our favorite discoveries from her WaPo interview below. Now, you too can experience these pros without becoming the Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest owner of loans and mortgages in the country.

"The concierge service here has watered my plants, overnighted forgotten car keys, and helped me get shoes repaired on very short notice. They've made life a lot easier," she says.

The building offers electronically controlled solar shading over the panoramic windows.

"Sometimes we feel compelled to try to do everything we are capable of doing. My best advice to busy people is to get comfortable with outsourcing." [MacFarland]

The unusual choice of a bedroom chandelier uses Capiz shells for shading. The shells are popular decor elements in the Philippines.

"People who have been here for a while say, 'I was here before there was a Trader Joe's,' " says [realtor Michelle] Wiltse.

You can click on the Washington Post article linked below to see a full gallery of MacFarland's West End apartment.
· CFO Susan McFarland's move to upscale D.C. condo had a priceless perk: A concierge[WaPo]

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