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Which of These $620K Two Bedroom Condos Do You Want More?

On our previous Real Estate Death Match, the East Capitol studio apartment handily defeated the Flat at Atlas. This week, we've got more two bedroom condos, combating for your affections. Welcome, Curbed readers, to Real Estate Death Match, Logan Circle vs. Columbia Heights Condo Edition.

Address: 1229 12th Street NW #102
Price: $619,900
Square Feet: 1100
Beds, Baths: 2/2.5

This two-level condo has beautiful wooden floors throughout and a huge living area with the dining table in an alcove by the natural lighting. This also has a half-bathroom advantage over the competitor. The catch is that all offers for this condo were apparently due yesterday, even though it remains listed on the site. It's a good thing these death matches are hypothetical or we might have to retire this condo's jersey/hang up its gloves.

Address: 1390 Kenyon Street NW #401
Price: $619,500
Square Feet: 1181
Beds, Baths: 2/2

The combatant from CoHi costs slightly less for a little more space. This entire condo is spread across one floor with large windows bringing in lots of natural lighting to the kitchen, living and dining areas. This building also boasts parking, a rooftop lawn and a security system. It also mentions a friendly cat on the premises, which is awesome for cat people and terrible news for the terribly allergic.

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