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Glover Park Strip Club's Private Rooms Raise Objections

[Photo by Matt Hurst]
Glover Park neighbors are riled up over the reopening of JP's Night Club on Wisconsin Avenue. The problem is less that there's a strip club in a ritzy neighborhood: JP's originally opened in 1986 and there's another strip club, Good Guys, across the street. The issue is that JP's will have private alcoves which competitors and ethical neighbors fear will encourage prostitution and violate D.C. strip clubs' "look-don't-touch" policy.

But while some neighbors are enraged about the moral and legal implications of the club's private rooms, others are perplexed by the catering options. In an article by the Washington Post, JP's representative Paul Kadlick stated that, "their license doesn't require them to 'serve a bag of pretzels' if they don't want to, but they do plan to have catered food." One commenter on the Post story asks, "Who eats (food) at a strip club anyway? Eeewww!" Better question...who eats pretzels at a strip club?
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