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The Five Best New Cleveland Park Complaints

[Photo by Keith Ivey]

A month ago, the hilarious Cleveland Park Complaints Tumblr came to the attention of the local media. A resident of the nabe took glee in taking down and poking fun at her neighbors' first world problems as chronicled on the neighborhood listserve. Some of the posts that attracted the most attention included the slue of emails regarding the apprehension of a flower thief and the search for a harness big enough for a kitten named Baby Leo. Despite some mild rage among residents that the blog was featured on Huffington Post, the Tumblr continues to post new entries. Here are some of our favorite new Cleveland Park Complaints.

· Cleveland Park Complaints [Tumblr]
· Cleveland Park Listerv: Where Concerned Citizens Worry About Flowers, Leaf Blowers, Fat Cats [Huffington Post]

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