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Will City Center DC and The New Trump Hotel Fight Over Tiffany?

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[Photo of the Palm Beach Tiffany & Co by Wally Gobetz]

There has been much ado about how fine jeweler Tiffany & Co. did not come to downtown D.C. after all and how the lovely silver and stone adorned doorway at K and Connecticut Street NW is now the entrance to yet another bank. After all, "Tiffany does not want to be across the street from Dress Barn," Keith Sellars, the president and chief executive of the Washington D.C. Economic Partnership told the Washington Post.

So, let's look at the arguments from two other locations trying to woo Tiffany: the enormous opulent CityCenterDC and the potential future Trump Hotel.

CityCenter DC:
On the Plus Side: In addition to a gourmet food market, CityCenter DC is clearly looking for high end specialty retail, so Tiffany would be more likely to be in a plaza with a Ralph Lauren's Rugby or an Apple Store than a Dress Barn.
But Then Again: The Mount Vernon Square/Chinatown area isn't exactly Chevy Chase, either. Yes, CityCenter DC will be surrounded by nice hotels and museums, but it bears very little resemblance to the areas where its current locations reside.

Trump Hotel:
On the Plus Side: One of Trump's children is named after the iconic jeweler and the location, the Old Post Office Pavilion, is in a rich area of the city, not too far from The White House.
But Then Again: The Donald may have "Coming Soon" renderings on his website, but he hasn't actually closed the deal on the Old Post Office Pavilion yet.
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