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"Romantic Crash-Pad" Houses Twin Bed in Kitchen

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We're well aware that the Atlas District has become quite the hip spot in the past few years, but who knew it was now being marketed as such? The wording for this 746 sq ft studio on C Street NE is targeting an awfully specific adventurous yet spiritual type who needs a place for their yoga mat and their kayak. However, "Romantic crash-pad" might be a bit of a stretch for this long and skinny space considering that it currently houses a twin the kitchen. Even for a studio, that's a bit odd. Sure, breakfast in bed is considered romantic, but waking up next to your stove? Considering that the owner wouldn't even have to leave their mattress to grab a beer from the fridge, maybe he should be targeting lazier homebuyers. We've got the full text after the jump.

"If you're an I-Pod, this is your docking station. If you are Buddhist, this is your Zen-Den. Just enough room for you, your kayak, mountain bike, skis, go-camera & jeep parked out back...oh, & your yoga mat. Romantic crash-pad? Sure. Peaceful cottage? Absolutely. But at its core is extreme simplicity, Recharge, refresh, quick shower & back in the game! Put it on Amex, think of the rewards miles!"
· 1349 C Street NE, Washington DC [Estately]