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Fundrise Unveils New H Street Investment; Sets Sights On NYC

[Photo courtesy of Fundrise]

The Miller brothers of local crowdfunding real estate endeavor Fundrise are at it again. You may remember them as the guys that purchased the property which will soon house Maketto, the newest endeavor from Toki Underground's Erik Bruner-Yang. This time the property up for investment is at 906 H Street NE. As of this post, the property is already $182,400 toward its $350,000 goal and it's only been live for two days. The developer, WestMill Capital Partners (also owned by the Millers) plans to lease it to someone with a restaurant or retail in mind. But that's not all that Daniel and Benjamin Miller have up their sleeve. They've also expanded their interests to New York, even teaming up with New York real estate company UrbanMuse to help them bid on land in the Brooklyn Bridge Park development project. If they win that bid, New Yorkers would be able to crowdfund the retail portion of the large project, much as people have done here. Can Fundrise expand beyond the Beltway?

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