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Boutique Condos Spring From Fire Ravaged House

Remember when these boutique condos were on the market for about a nanosecond? Well, S2 Development, the folks responsible for converting that home in Kalorama has converted a former family home in Mt. Vernon Square into four condos. This rags to riches story is a little more dramatic as the interior had been ravaged by a fire before the owner sold it two years ago for the purpose of having the place restored and re-imagined. This is a peak at the interior before the four hit the market on Thursday. Maybe these will even remain on the market long enough for interested buyers to justify going to Sunday's open house. Prices range from $449,900 to $599,900.
· 1135 6th Street NW [S2 Development]
· Sunlit Conversion of a Dingy Rowhouse [CDC]