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Two Apartments in Stadium-Armory: Which to Rent?

Welcome back to Real Estate Death Match. In our previous match, the Mt. Pleasant condo came from behind, barely edging out the Adams Morgan competitor. This week, in honor of the final bout of the DC Rollergirls, we're capping the budget at $1600/month and checking out rentals near the Armory where their bouts take place. This is Real Estate Death Match: Sweet Stadium-Armory Studio Edition.

Address: 1600 Maryland Avenue NE
Price: $1599/month
Square Feet: 500
Beds, Baths: 0/1

This apartments of The Flats at Atlas have a very modern design, and the building has a roofdeck and above ground pool. It's also possible to have a pet in the apartment, but that will cost an additional $400 a month. Having a parking space will cost an additional $50 a month.

Address: 1717 East Capitol Street SE
Price: $1595/month
Square Feet: Not listed
Beds, Baths: 0/1

Our second competitor is playing shadowy and secretive by not listing the amount of space therein. It can't possibly be that small if the living space and kitchen above look as comfortable and roomy as they do. Also, this efficiency is great for either the public transit or the driving commuter as it's got a parking garage but still sits a couple of blocks from the metro.

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