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Springfield Mall Gets Much Needed TLC

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[Photo by Eric Purcell]

There are a couple of malls in the area that could be accurately described as "Where Happiness Goes to Die" (Wheaton and Ballston come to mind), but Springfield Mall might be in worse shape than any of them. Even Northern Virginia native Dave Grohl commented on its unfortunate state on his last tour through D.C. "What happened to my beloved Springfield Mall?" he asked. "It looks like a scene from 28 Days Later." Well, luckily for both the Grohl and the residents of that town, Springfield Mall is getting an overhaul. Vornado Realty has already spent $8.8 million on the mall's redevelopment and expects to spend a whopping $225 million in total before the mall's reopening in 2014.
· Vornado investing millions in Springfield Mall transformation [WBJ]