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Georgia Avenue Wal-Mart to Share Part of Their Storefront

[Photo via KLNB]

Wal-Mart is coming to town whether residents like it or not (and for any number of people, it's "not.") To allay some of the neighborhood frustration, the retailer signed an agreement with Mayor Vince Gray agreeing to collaborate and aid the surrounding communities. As such, there might be an opportunity for local businesses to get in some of that prime retail space right next to the mega-chain. The photo above from KLNB retail, Wal-Mart's broker, highlights the available space right next to the entrance that they're looking to share with a neighbor or two. The deadline for local businesses to apply for those 881 square foot and 1809 square foot spots was yesterday. Tell us in the comments who you would like to see in that adjacent space.
· Walmart Invites Local Businesses to Join It on Georgia Avenue [WaPo]