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Dupont Circle To The Rest Of DC: Just Try to Out-Walk Us

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When it comes to walkability (and it's darker cousin, crawling, which is known to result from too much enjoyment of Eater DC bar lists) the city of DC took slot number 7 in the nation. But not all nabes in the District are created equal. Behold, the Walk Score of 98 bestowed upon Dupont Circle, our most walkable of nabes in the Nation's capital. Could it be the area's mix of restaurants and stores that make it an incredibly convenient and walkable neighborhood? Or is it the serious refusal to give up an hard-earned parking spots that forces them to hoof it all the time? In any case, thanks Dupont for setting a good example on reducing fossil fuel dependance.
· National Walking Day: New York Is America's Most Walkable City; D.C. Ranks 7th [Huff Po]