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Three Nabes Where The Rent Was Not Always Too Damn High

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Some of D.C.'s nabes have seen very quick growth and change in the past five to ten years, but it may seem like others have always come with hefty pricetags. Not so. A few friends of Curbed spilled on some steals they had on rentals throughout the city between 2002-2005 and we did some research to see what similar spaces would cost in 2013.

Cleveland Park
2002: Resident #1 rented an English basement studio apartment with a full walk-in closet and a good-sized bump out kitchen for $850 a month. Even though the rent went up steadily, by the time this resident vacated in 2005, it had only risen to $1150.
? 2013: We found a 500 square foot one bathroom studio in this older building with a fitness center and a rooftop deck for $1500 a month.

Capitol Hill
2002: Resident #2 lived in a house in the Lincoln Park area of Capitol Hill. The bedroom this person used had an attached wood panel study and the two story, three bedroom house rented each month for $1,100.
?2013: While slightly closer to the Capitol than original place place, we found this three bedroom/2.5 bathroom condo near Stanton Park with wood floors, high ceilings and a highly coveted parking space going for $3,800 a month.

Adams Morgan
2002: Resident #3 lived on the convergences of three active nightlife scenes at 18th and U. Their basement apartment with exposed brick, in-unit washer/dryer, dishwasher, and a skylight in the bedroom cost a mere $675 a month.
?2013: The 600 sq ft one bedroom we found in nearly the same location has hardwood floors and a fireplace and is going for $2,100 a month.
— Valerie Paschall