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Big Glass Apartment Building Debate Expected Tonight

Tonight, candidates in the April 23 special election to replace Phil Mendelson will convene at Chevy Chase Community Center for a forum. One issue expected to arrise is the proposal for a large, glass-walled apartment building at Connecticut Avenue and Military Road by Calvin Cafritz and his wife Jane. In two previous meetings, opponents pitched a fit over the the proposed building's design being taller, wider, and denser than allowed by the city regulation.

The central question is whether the glass building can be built without any community input, a discretionary city permit or a zoning approval.

"Developer submissions are taken at face value and the community has not been given opportunity to comment on design, pedestrian safety or traffic plans," said Richard Graham, head of the Coalition. Last week there was a hearing to find a way to allow for community involvement, particularly by the Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Going to protest or suppor the project? Hit our tipline with news.
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