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Luxury Apartment Building 14W Releases Photos & Floorplans

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Exterior and interior shots are from 14W Apartment's Facebook page. The floorplans are from 14W's website.

Upcoming luxury rental building14W (natch, located at 14th and W) is providing a sneak peek so would-be renters can get a taste for what's to come. The new development features an "innovative fitness center" (not a regular fitness center), a lounge center that's billed as "lavish", and a myriad of common rooms for gaming, clubbing, and watching the media. And for those looking for a bit of retro, there's a Y-M-C-A with an indoor pool in the same building. Now, for those looking for some space on the U and 14th Street Corridors, expect to start around the 2 G mark for a studio.The 1,300 sq.ft. penthouse will run around $4,365 per month.
· 14W Apartments [Official Site]
· 14W Apartments [Facebook]

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2303 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009