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Opposition to Arlington's Bluemont Safeway Centers on Height

Residents of Bluemont have been circulating a petition entitled, "Keep Safeway Site at 35 Feet High or Less." They feel that the new store, part of a development that comes with housing and parkings, will "violate the scope, scale and values of the community." But one blogger at Greater Greater Washington says let 'em build it, arguing that we need more housing in the center of the region to curb our growing suburban sprawl woes. And is it really so ugly after all? The post continues,

"Aesthetically, it will be a tremendous improvement. The existing store presents a featureless brick wall to Wilson Boulevard, and its parking lot is a bleak void in the fabric of the neighborhood.We want to hear from you, good people of Arlington. Are you opposed to the project? Leave us a comment below letting us know why or why not.
· A neighborhood is about people, not buildings [Greater Greater Washington]